About DefineWeb

DefineWeb is an Online Strategy consultation company.
We offer a throughout strategic consulting for businesses, how to become excellent and take the whole advantage of online channels.

All our consultation commitments are entirely personal – there is nothing “standard” in our solutions.

E-channels have increasing, completely dynamic and irreplaceable role to achieve company’s expected business results. We start with small – by offering our expertise on analyzing and mapping the current e-channels situation in your company, placement in the market and possible success criterions, then move forward with throughout suggestions, sketches and possible development approaches. We offer timeline based consultation and execution steps – after every step we decide together how to move forward.

Focus on e-channel developments have high impact on sales, marketing, PR, customer service- and satisfaction. Our company has strong professional background in planning and developing corporate company’s online channel’s presences and achieving remarkable results.

Our portfolio of experiences:

ELION, Estonia (part of Teliasonera AB)

Areas of experiences:

  • Initiating, driving and executing the renewal of whole Elion’s corporate web presence – public webpages, self-services, social media (within 2 years)
  • Building up and running a department of dedicated professional web managers- and specialists

www.elion.ee :

SWEDBANK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (part of Swedbank Group AB)

Areas of experiences:
  • Co-driving and executing the development of Swedbank’s new internet bank and public webpage (winner of several international Best Internet Bank Awards in the region and worldwide)
  • Creating and implementing long-term development strategy within Swedbank’s pan-Baltic retail e-channels customers
  • Building and managing a team of dedicated web professionals
www.swedbank.ee :

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